jack a bowden

Winner of VOTD
Contemporary dance, dynamic lighting and slick cinematography conveys an sinister presence, which throws its audience into a recital of uncontrollable, animalistic movement. The magnetism of which is revealed, as it pulls people closer from the outside world.

Director & Editor: Jack A. Bowden
Producer: Ailsa Tapping
DOP: Nick Morris
Focus Puller: Max Quinton
2nd AC: Izzy Boddy
LD: Tom Mason
LD Assist: Nicholas Whitehead
Gaffer: Peter Kehoe
Spark: Tina Georgeiva
Makeup Artist: Grace Sinnott
Choreographer: Ally Green
Dancer: Alexandra Tinney
Dancer: Simon Donnellon
Dancer: Cecil Thomas
VFX: Daniel Hawkins
Colourist: Joseph Bicknell
Colour Assist: Caroline Morin
Sound Designer: Joel Neale
BTS: Christopher Eyles
James Cullen
Daniel Cobb
Joscelyn Lee
Jack Pearson
Marian Reynolds
Toni-Marie Rowland
Stephen Turner
Katy Bennett

Label: Partisan Records
Management: Dave @ Northbank Management